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Bio: Common e-bike saddles, suitable used on E-bikes, vacuum products, new technology.
(Item No.: KS9035E, KS9041) EN71-3, REACH CPSC, PAHS
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Common e-bike saddles
1. Product Introduction of Common e-bike saddles
These items are suitable used on E-bikes, Vacuum products, New technology, very comfortable
2. Product Parameter (Specification) of Common e-bike saddles
Padding: PU foam
Rail: Steel
Clamp: need or no need according to you
Size: L (260mm) x W (214mm)
Weight: 501-552g
3. Product Feature and Application of Common e-bike saddles
These vacuum saddles are used on E-bikes
4. Product Details of Common e-bike saddles
5. Product Qualifications of Common e-bike saddles
6. Delivery, Shipping and Service of Common e-bike saddles
Delivery: within 30days
Shipping: Usually FOB Ningbo or Shanghai, other places are also available
Service: 1) Can offer samples
2) Can develop new products according to your special requirements
3) Keep positively communications from pre-sales to after-sales.
7. FAQ
1)Q: What is the percentage for order deposit?
A: Usually 30%
2)Q: How many leather colors can we choose
A: More than 4, such as black, brown, dark brown, white etc.
3)Q: Do you also produce grips?
A: Yes, we do. Our grips can match saddles.
8. Latest News
We are developing another one item of common vacuum saddle E-bikes.Bicycle Saddles suppliers